MMA Forum Vietnam 2018, the largest event of the year by the Mobile Marketing Association Vietnam, will be a place to gather leading experts in communications, marketing and business leaders who are pioneers in mobile marketing field. Under the theme Shape The Future, five issues that are of great interest to the industry will be analyzed  and discussed.

Current marketing management with a view of the leaders

The rapid development of technology in general and mobile in particular has influenced the communication and marketing strategies of enterprises today. This has created many opportunities and challenges for marketers: How to maintain image, brand value; deal with false information on the social network; determine the attributes of advertising, and whether the provisions of the Law on General Data Protection (GDPR) affect communication strategies as data is being considered as one of the most powerful tools for strategists. These issues will be shared and discussed in the section ” How to Manage Today’s Complex Marketing Landscape” by David Porter, Vice President, Global Multimedia at Unilever. With experience in multimedia management in 14 regions – Asia, Africa, Middle East, Turkey and Russia, he will share experiences and effective management from realistic campaigns of Unilever.

The power of data in the multi-channel sales strategy (omni-channel)

In the previous CEO CMO Summit held by MMA Vietnam, Christy Le, Country Director of Facebook Vietnam, said: “There are 90% of users searching for products online, and 60% of them will shop at stores. Data is a tool to connect two offline and online worlds. ”

Indeed, data is being evaluated as one of the most powerful and useful tools to reach consumers. In the “Connecting the gap: Integrating media channels into the data strategy” section, speakers and participants will look at ways to optimize data from directly and indirectly collected sources through partners to apply to multi-channel sales strategy, application of data into communication channels to reach the right customer. Because customers need to be reached at the right time, the right circumstances,…

Marketing opportunities from mobile games (mobile gaming)

On this occasion, MMA first introduced the “Mobile Gaming Research (Mobile gaming)” conducted by Decision Labs, POKKT and Mindshare. The psychology, behavior of users when participating in mobile games, and the opportunities and challenges for marketers when applying advertising in the game will be shared in this presentation. Attendees can also learn from the example of the GSK brand when applying this communication channel to optimize ROI when targeting mobile gamers.

Shares of best campaigns at the SMARTIES ™ Awards 2018

SMARTIES ™ is the only global mobile marketing award in the world honoring innovation, creativity and success in the field. At the MMA Forum Vietnam 2018, attendees will also hear the sharing of the secrets and stories behind the best SMARTIES ™ campaigns such as Biti’s – Sons of the Fairy and The Dragon, Diana – When A Girl Says Yes, and Diana, Pepsi Salt-Bring Back The Taste Of Tet 2018. These are campaigns that show creativity, breakthrough in ideas, understanding right and clear the needs and behavior of users, as well as efficiency in the application of communication channels, especially mobile to reach the best target customers.

Through this, attendees can create themselves experiences in design, strategy as well as budgeting for their mobile marketing campaigns.

The reunion of leading mobile marketing experts, marketing communications

MMA Forum Vietnam 2018 has the presence of nearly 30 speakers are leading experts in communications, marketing as well as mobile, digital from the pioneering enterprises in mobile marketing such as Nestlé, Unilever, Unicharm, etc. In addition, the forum is expected to attract nearly 500 participants, including representatives from Unilever, Unicharm, Coca-Cola, Suntory PepsiCo, Nestle…, Vietnamese companies that are leading the market such as Biti’s, TH True Milk, VNG, …, global media companies such as Group M, Nielsen, Decision Lab, Starcom, Wavemaker,… This is a good opportunity for the participants to expand their relationship, find potential partners for the development of the business, share experiences, knowledge and common interests of mobile marketing development in Vietnam market.

Information box:

The MMA Forum Vietnam 2018 held by MMA Vietnam will take place from 8am to 4pm on 26/10/2018 and SMARTIESTM Vietnam Award and Gala Night will be held at 6:30pm to 9:30pm on the same day at the InterContinental Hotel (HCMC). Up to 25% incentive when registerd before 18/10/2018.

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