Ad Fraud Road Show 2019: Ho Chi Minh City
December 6, 2019
Ad fraud is the biggest marketing issue brands face these days & their obvious doubt would be ‘am I paying for ad fraud bots?’

According to recent reports, advertisers have suffered losses up to $16.4 billion in 2017 hence making it difficult for them to trust digital advertising. The MMA has decided to combat ad fraud by uniting key stakeholders of the industry (advertisers, publishers, agencies) to educate the audience & talk about a common method to eradicate ad fraud or lessen the impact it has on all parties.

WHAT TO EXPECT: ACT on Ad Fraud Series
Help marketers Assess and self-diagnose and understand their exposure to fraud

What is the state of Fraud in the region?
Overall keynote with projections about the size of Fraud and where its heading
Main categories of Fraud
Traffic, Misrepresentation and Attribution Fraud. Experts will shed light on these 3 streams & discuss how to diagnose the same
Fraud and the mobile ecosystem
Programmatic vs Ad Network vs Publisher Direct. What are the challenges in each type of buying?
Static vs Video vs Native etc. What are the challenges in each ad type?
Help them Combat fraud by providing education regarding the various types of fraud and the solutions available

Marketer perspectives and case studies
Technical overview of solutions
Help marketers Track the impact of their efforts

Staying on top of fraud:
How to tackle fraud and work together with agency and verification partners
The future of Fraud: Technical innovations in terms of new ad fraud types, what to look for and where fraud is heading.


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