As an MMA member you are truly part of the Mobile Transformation Movement! In an environment as dynamic as the mobile marketing industry, having a partner by your side is essential to your success and the MMA are that partner. There are numerous programs, resources and activities that have been developed to ensure our members accelerate their business growth and success with mobile. The following highlights some of these activities we’d recommend you to consider.

We fully encourage all our members to interact with the MMA team, so that we are able to provide a concierge style experience that helps guide you through your personalized program, focused on your own needs and priorities.

MMA Vietnam Benefits In General

  • One (01) ticket to join MMA Forum Vietnam
  • One (01) entry to join The Smarties Vietnam
  • Two (02) tickets to join other MMA Vietnam events (to be announced)
  • One (01) ticket to participate in Mobile Marketing Certification contest organized by MMA Global (as soon as this program is available in Vietnam)
  • Advertisement on official website of MMA Vietnam
  • Discounts (free tickets, lower price) of MMA partnered events
  • Take participation in all activities/events in Asia Pacific region (networking, free ticket(s), free flight ticket(s), and accommodation,…)

MMA Membership Value

SEE THE FUTURE of the industry and the MMA. Members have the opportunity to lead, guide, and develop standards and guidelines by participating shoulder-to-shoulder with industry peers through MMA Strategic Initiatives. Furthermore, companies can leverage the MMA to act on their behalf to influence the broader business landscape.

LEADERSHIP opportunities through industry and MMA committees, councils, and Boards helps keep embers at the forefront of the industry allowing you to demonstrate the important role you play to investors, clients, employees, and the industry-at-large.

EDUCATION opportunities on the buy and sell side of the mobile marketing industry. MMA educates media buyers on how to build the most effectives mobile marketing campaigns and sellers on how to help their clients be successful.

ADVANCED INSIGHT via MMA products, data, initiatives, and research; helping members build your understanding of the marketplace and make better business decisions.

PROMOTION of the benefits of mobile marketing as a powerful marketing channel. The MMA supports media companies and technology companies to raise awareness of their products and services, and helps brand marketers and agencies leverage mobile as indispensible to the marketing mix.

EFFICIENCY and operational excellence through the development of guidelines and best practice to reduce the friction and help make it easier for buyers and sellers alike. Strategic initiatives help reduce the cost of doing business by increasing operational efficiencies across the board.

PROTECTION of the mobile marketing industry and your individual business by setting policies and industry guidelines around critical areas like Privacy enables MMA members to operate under a protective umbrella of industry standards. Also, the MMA works with regulatory bodies to manage government interference on behalf of the industry.

NETWORKING via MMA initiatives and events help support members to find business partners and customers and as well as helping you short-cut market development and build your personal brand and your business.