The State of Mobile in Rural Vietnam

n recent years, Vietnam has become an important market for businesses. In fact, the World Bank expects the country’s GDP to grow steadily at a rate of 6-7% in 2019 and 2020.

The Southeast Asian country is also a mobile-first market, and with almost 70% of the population living in rural areas, mobile is the primary digital platform for consumers. Despite this, marketers struggle to reach these audiences because they have little information to work with. When data is available, it quickly becomes dated or provides insights on the whole country without drilling into rural audience behaviors.

The State of Mobile in Rural Vietnam Report closes this gap. It offers clear learnings that marketers can use to reach rural Vietnamese audiences. This report by MMA is a project led by Google with participation from MMA’s network of partners, including Adtima, Dentsu Aegis Network, Infocus, Kantar Worldpanel, and Nielsen.

To learn how to effectively reach out to consumers in rural Vietnam, download the report below.

Mobile Trends 2018

In this document, the Mobile Marketing Association intends to dissect the main trends that will drive mobile marketing in 2018. Here, you’ll have access to insights, analysis, opinions and projections from some of the great players in the industry, who will discuss the benefits and challenges of topics such as Augmented Reality,Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Payments, Location-Based Services, Multi-Touch Attribution and Transparent Use of Data. 

The solutions presented here are driving the mobile media ecosystem into a new era, at the most disruptive moment in business history. And what’s best: beyond shifting communications’ paradigms and giving brands a diverse pool of opportunities, these innovations are ready to set in motion their own “business transformation”. 

We do more than to simply talk about marketing. We discuss what’s in store for companies, taking in consumer behavior and the future of businesses. This is the broader, strategic and assertive outllok MMA will bring into all of its events, playbooks and papers this year. 

Have a good read!

Mobile Ecosystem & Sizing Report 2017/18

Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announces the first ‘Mobile Ecosystem and ad-Sizing Report’ that deciphers the state of mobile in Vietnam in 2017 – 2018 and what we will see in the future that will further develop in this mobile first economy. The report aims to provide a comprehensive view of the mobile marketing ecosystem in Vietnam and the various factors that influence its growth in recent years such as the rise of mobile and smartphone users, mobile internet users, mobile app users, the development of mobile internet infrastructure like 4G service introduction, the increasingly diverse mobile marketing channels and solutions, etc. It is a collaborative effort by the marketing and mobile industry, championed by GroupM Vietnam and other partners (Google, Facebook, Kantar Media, Gameloft and Zalo Group)

The top three trends of the report include:

  • Growing mobile/smartphone penetration and data usage in both urban and rural is fueling significant growth in mobile ad spend in Vietnam (estimated at US$77.1 million in 2017, doubling the number of 2016 – US$38.5 million). Mobile adspend is estimated to account for about 50% – 60% digital spend for most big brands
  • Increase in 3G/4G penetration in Vietnam will help to enrich user’s content consumption on mobile, and accordingly, continuing potential growth for diverse mobile ad solutions
  • Growth and more engaged app usage (backed by burgeoning smartphone and mobile internet penetration) leading to a growing community who favour a mobile app economy in Vietnam. Mobile app usage in Vietnam will continue to grow, especially with a developing e-commerce landscape and increasingly active online payment market

Through this report, our attempt is to create the first single source study of the mobile marketing ecosystem in Vietnam that can help marketers, students, tech enthusiasts and journalists to gain meaningful insights on the entire ecosystem that drives the mobile story in Vietnam.